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We would like to present the new project created together with our partner EWM SA. These 2 villas are situated in Confignon, Switzerland. We had to create a set of 16 images for these 2 villas to show the most interesting details of the property. The timeframes were also quite tight, so we had to optimize our work to maintain the highest working speed and finalize the project on time. We received the plans of the project and some references from the client, however, except for visualization, we also had to create the design of the interiors. Each villa has a garden with a pool area and a parking lot in the front. The interiors are filled with high-quality materials and furniture. There is also a lower level of the villa which is designed as a gym and recreation area. We are sure that these villas will become wonderful places and will bring the desired feeling of coziness and home to the owners!

  • Client: Oaks Lane SA
  • Visualization: Terodesign
  • Location: Chem. de Chaumont, Confignon, Switzerland
  • March 2023