We do our best to make our workflow coherent, practical and transparent for our clients. Below, you can see an example of the usual workflow we recommend for most of our projects. It allows us to deliver the best results possible, without exceeding the projects' deadlines.

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What source materials from the client are required to start production of the project?

We can work with different amounts of source materials. While it is not absolutely necessary, in order to make the renders as accurate as possible, we prefer to receive the full technical task before starting the production of the project. That includes a detailed description of important details, technical drawings, reference materials for lighting atmosphere, colors, specific details, etc. You can include all the information you have available for the project.

What are average approximate delivery times for projects?

We understand that the timeframes can be a very important factor for our clients and we treat that very seriously. The tight deadline, as well as mild timeframes, may affect the pricing in both ways, so this information should be discussed individually. As our studio consists of a group of professionals, we are able to deliver projects of any scale.
We can discuss the working schedule for each project before we start working on it. This will help us to deliver the end result within the required deadline.

What is included in the price of the project?

The cost of the project includes all 5 stages of production. From the initial angle selection and up to the final renders. Additional changes after the final render, depending on their scope and quantity, can be subject to additional fees. The additional fees are negotiable and we do our best to accommodate all details during the main stages of production.
Usually, we offer to make the pictures in 5000px size. In case if you require a different size of pictures for your project - this is not a problem for us, just please let us know about this beforehand.
Usually, the price does not include the transfer of source files and lifetime NDA, so if this is important for you, please let us know before the start of the project. Our price includes an NDA of 2 months for each project. The price also does not include purchasing expensive content on stocks, modeling complex environment around the project, or modeling neighboring buildings (which are not part of the project), therefore it is important to discuss such kinds of details at the initial stage of the project.

What factors can influence the price of the project?

Here are the most common factors that are taken into consideration while evaluating the project complexity:

- complexity of the architecture
- environment
- camera angle complexity
- making the picture in full 3d or photomontage
- time of the day
- season
- size of the picture
- number and type of people on the pictures (2D/3D)
- timeframes of the project
- complexity of the interior design
- number of details

These are only several of the main things that we take into account while evaluating the project. The best solution would be to send us your project for evaluation so we could examine it and present you the options and solutions that we can offer depending on your requirements and technical task information.

What else can affect the price?

There are many different factors that can affect the evaluation and either increase or decrease the price. Our goal in the discussion process of the project is to reach compromise and find the best possible solutions. We are always glad to get acquainted with you, even if you do not have a specific task for us at the moment and you just want to get to know our service better. Please, feel free to write or call us. We will be glad to communicate with you.

Is it possible to accelerate the work on the project?

The key point in assessing the cost of the project is the speed of its completion. There are several factors that may speed up the process, for example, a neatly made-up technical task, a possibility to use library analogs of the required elements instead of making identical models, which must be made from photographs and drawings, and loyalty to the timeframes for completing the project. We especially appreciate the consistency of our clients, which can also affect the cost of our services.

Is the workflow open to modification?

We strive to make working with us comfortable for our clients, so changes to the workflow are negotiable in order to match our clients' preferences.

What are the preferred contact hours?

We can be contacted at any time. Nevertheless, while we try to respond over a span of 24 hours, during weekends and public holidays there can be delays with our responses.