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Let us kindly present the result of our first-time collaboration with K4. These 2 exterior images of the front facade were created for the renovation of the building on Adolf-Gstöttner-Gasse 4 in Wien. We decided to make 1 exterior image daytime to show the project in a most informative way, and another image with evening lighting to capture how the colors change and emphasize the atmosphere of the interiors. The facade comprises a combination of materials, such as plaster, copper, and cement boards, giving it a contemporary aesthetic. The attic floor consists of 2 levels and has a nice roof terrace that allows one to admire the city landscape. In the evening image, the building's silhouette stands out against the night sky, making it a memorable feature of the cityscape.
  • Architecture: K4 Realitätenverwertung GmbH
  • Visualization: Terodesign
  • Location: Adolf-Gstöttner-Gasse 4, 1200 Wien, Austria
  • April 2023