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Conmoto Garden Set II

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We received another request from Conmoto to create a set of visualizations for their furniture products for the exhibition. This is a set of outdoor furniture consisting of an outdoor dining table and benches, storage, and utility elements for outdoor activities and plant care. All these elements are made of high-quality materials which allow them to remain in good condition even after long-term outdoor usage. The timeframes of this project were rather tight as we had to create the visualizations of their new products for the exhibition in Milan. Nevertheless, we managed to prepare the images even sooner due to an understanding of the client's preferences based on the long-term partnership and because of a well-developed working process inside the studio. We are grateful for this experience and hopefully, we will be able to create more images like these in the near future!
  • Manufacturer: Conmoto
  • Visualization: Terodesign
  • March 2023