Let us kindly introduce another project that we have created for our partners Garzoni SA. The building is situated in Ascona, Via Ferrera 106. Working on projects in Switzerland is always something special for us. We adore beautiful images of nature and mountains with spacious green meadows, which we try to implement carefully in our images. The inhabitants of this building will surely be comforted by the interior layouts, materials, and features, as well as the gorgeous view of the mountains. One of the most interesting features of this development is the inner courtyard dotted with varied greenery, which will allow spending your leisure time feeling embraced by nature. We really hope that you enjoy these images. It was a pleasure to work on this project and we hope to repeat this experience in the future!

Architecture: Garzoni SA
Visualization: Terodesign
Location: Via Ferrera 106, 6612 Ascona, Switzerland
June 2020