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Bad Krozingen

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We received a request from Koch Wohnbau GmbH to create a set of exterior visualization for an apartment house in Bad Krozingen - a beautiful and cozy town in western Germany. This house emphasizes and conveys this sense of coziness to its full potential. The area around the house is simply intended for a calm and measured life away from the everyday haste of the crowded city. And we hope that you share this feeling with us as well. Our task in each project is to try to convey the atmosphere of presence and encourage the viewer to buy an apartment in this property. Our client was satisfied with the result and we hope that they will be able to quickly sell the apartments in this building. It was a pleasure to work on such kind of project and we hope to work on similar projects in the future!

  • Architects: Werkbau Architektur GmbH
  • Client: Koch Wohnbau GmbH
  • Visualization: Terodesign
  • Location: 79189 Bad Krozingen, Germany
  • October 2020