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Wichertstraße. Poschingerstrasse. Templiner Park

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Excitement & diversity: The northern Friedrichshain neighborhood around the Samariter district and the old slaughterhouse has experienced a remarkable revitalization in recent years. From squatted buildings, the area has now become one of the most popular neighborhoods for young families, students, and the creative scene. To the north, it borders the district of Prenzlauer Berg, and to the east Lichtenberg. Karl-Marx-Alle and Frankfurter Allee divide Friedrichshain into a north and a south neighborhood. With the TV tower in perfect view from Frankfurter Tor, one really feels at home in Berlin here. Friedrichshain seems to have a favorite café on offer for each of its residents. The neighborhood speaks a thousand languages, offers its international inhabitant's cuisines from all over the world, and is accordingly open as a result of its diversity. Here the young live side by side with the old, the newcomers next to the original Berliners, and all with a shared love for this colorful district.

Goal: 3 Great projects that we created in collaboration with Bewocon company. A set of interior renderings was made, in which we showed different interior designs of several luxurious apartments. Also, our task was to beneficially represent an expensive real estate in this residential complex. The time to complete this project wasn’t long, so we worked hard and are now ready to show you the result.

  • Client: Bewocon Berliner Wohnbau Consult GMBH
  • Visualization: Terodesign studio
  • Location: Berlin, Germany
  • January 2019