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Domodedovo Coffeeshop

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We received a request from Asthetiquegroup to provide a set of visualizations for a Coffeeshop in Domodedovo Airport, Moscow. The design of the coffee shop was created by Asthetiquegroup. The designer's goal was to achieve the maximum pleasant atmosphere of the coffee shop in order for the clients to experience the desire to taste a delicious cup of coffee and take a rest between the flights. This particular project intended to take part in a contest, which is why we had to create a visualization for a short period of time. Our task was to create the finest quality possible as the result of the contest depended on us as well. Join us for a cup of coffee there!

  • Architects: Asthetique Group
  • Visualization: Terodesign studio
  • Location: Moskow, Russia
  • Year: 2018