We do our best to make our workflow coherent, practical and transparent for our clients. Below, you can see an example of the usual workflow we recommend for most of our projects. It allows us to deliver the best results possible, without exceeding the projects' deadlines.
Selection of camera angles We provide the client with angle selection for the renders in form of screenshots or clay renders
Detailed clay renders Upon selecting the angle, we make a detailed clay render, with more complex and refined geometry
Colored Preview 1 Upon receiving the feedback for the detailed clay render, we begin working on the colored Preview 1 render
Colored Preview 2 Upon receiving feedback for the Preview 1 render, we start production of the Preview 2 colored render
Final render This is the final stage where we deliver the complete renders after receiving feedback for the Preview 2
What is your pricing?

Our prices vary quite wildly between projects, but we do our best to negotiate the best possible deals with our clients. We do not have a fixed, standard price for our renders.

What source materials from the client are required to start production of the project?

We can work with different amounts of source materials. While it is not absolutely necessary, in order to make the renders as accurate as possible, we prefer to receive the full technical task before starting production of the project. That includes a detailed description of important details, technical drawings, reference materials for lighting atmosphere, colors, specific details, etc. You can include all the information you have available for the project.

What are average approximate delivery times for projects?

We understand that the delivery times can be a very important factor for our clients and treat that very seriously. As our studio consists of a group of professionals, we are able to deliver projects of any scale.

Do you work with projects that are under non-disclosure-agrement (NDA)?

We treat our clients' privacy very seriously and are ready to work on projects that are under NDA.

What are the preferred contact hours?

We can be contacted at any time. However, while we try to respond over a span of 24 hours, during weekends and public holidays there can be delays in our responses.

Is it possible to accelerate the work on the project?

While production of the project takes time, it is possible to accelerate it by providing feedback between stages as quickly as possible. We also have a website containing an internal library of high-quality models and textures that have been carefully sorted and can be used in our projects. Since the assets are pre-made with the possibility of modifications to them, the library makes our work much faster and more efficient.

What is included in the price of the project?

The cost of the project includes all 5 stages of production. From the initial angle selection and up to the final renders. Additional changes after the final render, depending on their scope and quantity, can be subject to additional fees. The additional fees are negotiable and we do our best to accommodate for all detail during the main stages of production.

Is the workflow open to modification?

We strive to make working with us comfortable for our clients, so changes to the workflow are negotiable in order to match our clients' preferences.